Festival de la Quimica

The Chemistry Festival is an event organized as part of the XXX PERUVIAN CONGRESS OF CHEMISTRY – XXX ITALO-AMERICAN CONGRESS OF ETHNOMEDICINE that unites the efforts of professors and students of Chemistry from different universities that through practical demonstrations emphasize the importance of chemistry in order to understand processes that occur in daily life.
In this event, five stations are set up and staffed by chemistry students. Each station presents a different demonstration, explaining the theoretical concepts involved according to the audience, the equipment used and the experimental procedure. In these demonstrations only domestic materials are used, it is through these simple demonstrations that we carry the message of the importance of chemistry in everyday life. This activity is designed especially for school children and young people, to promote understanding of chemistry and to communicate the value and impact of chemistry in their lives.
It will take place on Friday 20 October from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon at INICTEL’s premises (Av. San Luis 1771-San Luis). Don’t miss it because it will be very interesting.